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A Superior OpenSea Experience

The free SuperSea Chrome extension adds a number of features to make it more convenient, fun, and profitable to browse the OpenSea marketplace. Try it and you will see how!

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Floor Prices

Easily keep track of floor prices for all your tokens, and view a sum total for your entire collection.

Scam Protection

We show a verification on all bundles to make sure you're not buying something containing illegitimate tokens.

Skip OpenSea Cache

Fetch asset images directly from source to snipe something rare when everyone else waits for OpenSea to update their cache after a reveal.

Mass-Refresh & Mass-Reveal

Mass-Queue items for OpenSea metadata refresh and automatically load all images from source while OpenSea is updating their cache.
Mass-refresh Video

Mass-reveal Video

Listing Notifications

Get notified the precise moment an asset within your given price range is listed, or matching a specified rarity or combination of traits (members only).

Quick BuyMembers

Buy items directly from grid and activity list views, circumventing all OpenSea confirmation steps in between. For the moments when a few seconds matter to get the snipe in.

Rarity RanksMembers

Members get access to our color-graded rarity ranks that display inline with every item. No need to have multiple tabs open and cross reference with other ranking websites.

Much More to Come

We're committed to continually improving SuperSea and adding new features, both for members and free users. Join us on Discord for early sneak peeks of upcoming features!


There are a few ways to get access to the members-only features on SuperSea. Become a Founding Member, a Lifetime Member, subscribe on a monthly basis, or hold one of our current partnership NFTs.

Founding Member NFTSold Out

As one of the 100 Founding Members you gain access to membership features as long as you hold the NFT. You will also get a special role on our Discord with access to exclusive channels, future founders-only features (coming 2022), occasional bonus perks and more.

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Regular Member

Get access to our members-only features for as long as you hold a lifetime membership or as long the subscription stays active.

Lifetime Membership TokenSold out!

Lifetime members get access to our members-only features for as long as you hold a token.

Owner of a Founding Member NFT? You can claim two tokens for 0Ξ + gas.

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Subscriptions stack, meaning that buying a 1 month subscription while you already have one active will extend the subscription by 1 month from the previous expiration date.

Please connect your wallet first.

Partnership Member

We do occasional partnerships with other projects for alternative ways to get access. Holding one of any of the NFTs or ERC20 tokens linked below grants you regular membership features until the specified end date.

There are no active partnerships currently

Interested in partnering with us? Reach out on Twitter and we'll discuss.

The Team

Joel Besada

Joel Besada

Engineering / Design


Previously a Staff Software Engineer at Shopify (not to be confused with Spotify), Joel is now a free agent fully dedicated to building cool new things on the internet — like SuperSea!

Robin Björklund

Robin Björklund

Engineering / Design

Previously a Software Engineer at Spotify (to indeed be confused with Spotify), Robin is also an independent developer currently exploring the depths of web 3.0.

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