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SuperSea is Shutting Down

Monday June 19, 2023

We've come to the difficult decision of shutting down SuperSea.

The market has seen a significant change over the past year, with a number of factors making it hard for us to keep the product running:

  • For the past 6+ months the revenue generated by the service has not been able to cover even the running server costs. With the removal of creator royalties as a reliable source of income, and our product no longer having the product market fit it used to have (more on this below), our income has essentially gone to zero. When we started building SuperSea almost two years ago, there was a significant hole to be filled in the market to provide better third party tools for collecting and trading NFTs. The marketplaces of today have done a great job at catching up however, and there's now a much smaller need to use a product like SuperSea to have an edge over the market.

    In addition to that, the market is now more evenly split among multiple marketplaces, so the services that are most valuable are those that can aggregate data from multiple sources at the same place.

  • A large majority of the people who were actively participating in this space in 2021-2022 have now left completely, and there are hardly any new participants entering the market at this point in time. A large part of our focus with SuperSea has been to provide a user experience that's simple to get started with, to more easily onboard people who are new to the space. With this inflow of users gone, and the remaining users already having settled on more powerful tools, there's unfortunately not much of a market to go after anymore.
  • Lastly, as you may have started noticing, the extension has started experiencing a number of issues due to a recent change OpenSea has made to their API. There's unfortunately not a very easy fix for us to do here to work with these new changes, and considering all of the points above we've decided that this will sadly have to be the time to call the end of this product.

We will be shutting down our various services throughout this week. All of our current subscribers will be refunded. We understand that you will be disappointed with us.

For our token holders, we hope that we've been able to provide enough value to justify the price you paid for either minting or from buying in the secondary markets. We're currently talking to another third party service to be able to offer a free trial and discount on their product, to give everyone who's left a place to land. More details on this will be shared on our Discord later.